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Geochemical Insight, a Colorado based company that turns multi-component geochemical data into information that is integrated with geological and geophysical data to reduce risk in petroleum and mineral exploration.

Geochemical Insight has designed, implemented and interpreted geochemical exploration surveys for the petroleum and mining industries since 2007. Emphasis is placed on linking surface seeps with reservoir fluids using forensic geochemical tools with the ultimate goal of reducing exploration risk. Our clients contract our services repeatedly to:

  • Evaluate large areas to determine where to acquire leases, shoot seismic or drill
  • Determine if seismic anomalies contain petroleum hydrocarbons, helium, and/or water
  • Map reservoir trends (e.g. fluvial channels) for exploration or development drilling
  • Identify by-passed or deeper production
  • Define structural trends (e.g. faults and folds) to focus exploration
  • Estimate light mobile oil quantities in shale reservoirs