Guiding Exploration for Natural Resources

Geochemical Insight has designed, implemented and interpreted geochemical exploration surveys for the petroleum and mining industries since 2007. Emphasis is placed on linking surface seeps with reservoir fluids using forensic geochemical tools with the ultimate goal of reducing exploration risk.

David Seneshen PhD / President

David Seneshen, the founder and president of Geochemical Insight, obtained his Ph.D. in “Exploration Geochemistry” from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada in 1997. He was a co-owner of Vista Geoscience in Golden, Colorado from 2007 to 2015, where he managed geochemical exploration and baseline environmental services for petroleum and mining companies and government agencies. David also designed, implemented and interpreted domestic and international geochemical exploration surveys for mineral and petroleum deposits for Inco Ltd., Western Mining Corporation, the Alberta Geological Survey and Direct Geochemical from 1989 through 2006. He currently holds memberships in the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, Association of Applied Geochemists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.


American Oil & Gas, Inc.
Anschutz Exploration Corporation
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Avalon Minerals
Ballantyne Oil
Bayswater Uranium Corporation
Bethel Energy
Blue Creek Exploration
Calpine Resources
CanAlaska Uranium
Ceja Corporation
Chesapeake Energy
Chisholm Partners
Cisco Expro
Continental Resources, Inc.
Danica-Jutland, Rps
Denison Mines
Devon Canada
Direct Petroleum Exploration, Inc.
Doyon, Ltd.
EnCana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc.
EOG Resources, Inc.
EQ Energy
Gastem, Inc.
Ginger Oil
H.B. Fox Inc.
Halcyon Exploration
Helium One
Hinterland Energy
Indonesia Geological Survey
Inflection Energy
JM Huber Corporation
Jordan Oil
Koch Exploration Canada, Ltd.
Minerals and Metals Group (MMG)
New World Exploration Jutland ApS
Newmont Gold
New York State R&D Authority (NYSERDA)
Noble Energy, Inc.
North Coast Energy. Inc.
Pacific Geotechnical
Petrolia, Inc.
Pioneer Natural Resources
Prism Seismic
Quest Rare Metals
Questa Energy Corporation
Read & Stevens Inc.
Reynolds Geological, LLC
Rock Creek Resources
Seneca Resources
Strata Energy, Inc.
Talisman Energy
Tethys Oil
Thomasson Partner Associates
US Capital Energy, Inc.
US Department of Energy
Utah Geological Survey
Wealth Minerals
Western Interior Energy, Inc.
Western Mining Corporation
Whiting Petroleum Corporation
Wolf Petroleum
Xeron Oil & Gas

Areas Worked

Akimeugah Basin, West Papua (O&G)
Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma (O&G)
Appalachian Basin, New York, Ohio (O&G)
Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan (Uranium)
Baeufort Coast, Canada (O&G)
Bowen Basin, Australia (O&G)
Chapaval Basin, Guatemala, Belize (O&G)
Denver-Julesburg Basin, Colorado (O&G)
Gaspe Basin, Quebec (O&G)
Great Basin, Nevada and Utah (O&G and Gold)
Green River Basin, Wyoming (O&G)
Gulf Coast, Louisiana, Texas (O&G)
Illinois Basin, Illinois (O&G)
Labrador Trough, Quebec (REE & Uranium)
Las Animas Arch, Colorado (Helium)
Michigan Basin, Michigan (O&G)
North Sea Basin, Denmark (O&G)
Paradox Basin, Utah (O&G)
Paris Basin, France (O&G)
Powder River Basin, Wyoming (O&G, Uranium)
Raton Basin, Colorado (O&G)
Rukwa Basin, Tanzania (Helium)
San Joaquin Basin, California (O&G)
San Jorge Basin, Argentina (Uranium)
San Juan Basin, Colorado, New Mexico (O&G)
Uravan Belt, Colorado (Uranium)
UU and TV Basins, Mongolia (O&G)
Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Alberta and Yukon, Canada (O&G)
Williston Basin, Saskatchewan, North Dakota (O&G)
Yukon Flats and Nenana Basins, Alaska (O&G)
Zagros Fold & Thrust Belt, Kurdistan (O&G)